Apr 24, 2007

Good mail week(ish)

It's been a good weekish period (since technically the influx started last week and continues early this week ;)) for mail. Last Friday I got my latest batch of destash fluffies, the box of silk/Merino laps and a box of dyed uncarded wools; then yesterday I got four things (this list to be edited once I have them in my hands again to note accurately ;)):

*Spring Cotton Yarn Swap plus fluuufffiiiessss! ;)
*Newbie Pick Two swap with tons of hand-made stuff, way over swap requirement
*Two "Ten Things I Want to Do Before I Die" letters

And today I picked up the Breed Swap package -- finally! :D -- and a small package of yummy LiberTeas tea from my parents' house: refills on Namaste Chai and Creamy Irish Breakfast (part of the last batch of that for the year, which is why I had to put in the order), and some Chocolate Rose Romance to help celebrate my anniversary with Brian next month. Whew.

Now, to balance out my good mail-in, I must send some good mail out. ;) Off to prep packages and finish creative thingies.

It's sure taking longer to catch up with everything than it would if I weren't with anyone to distract me and mess with my schedule ... but that's all right, as long as I do catch up. :D
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