Apr 15, 2007

Handspun and Spring Bunny packages, illustrated!

Finally, a photo of my super-awesome Spin to Knit orphan package from Ina:

There are some Peeps, some saltwater taffy that Brian tried to steal right out of the package, a postcard (awesome, since I collect postcards), and two skeins of lovely handspun. The green one is laceweight, beaded and hand-dyed (and the beads are strung on the handspun itself, not on a plying thread); the royal blue one is sport weight, which I don't have nearly enough of. Huzzah! There's also a super-cool knit, beaded bracelet that's cool enough (I did say super-cool ;)) to have been featured in the pattern designer's blog, which makes me feel unreasonably privileged. This package deserves ubergushing, which I did in email, so insert tons more gushage and appreciation here.

This is the other awesome package I received recently, from Nancy for the Eccentric Pastiche Secret Spring Bunny swap:

There are tons of the goodies that I asked for, and I know that to stay under the spending limit, Nancy must have used some of her unending supply of Jo-Ann coupons. There's a Sand and Sea Teeny Tiny Cassette Punch, a flexible ruler I suddenly can't remember what it's really called, but which will be awesome for drafting patterns, two BIG nature-themed rubber stamps from the price category I never even consider looking at because it's way out of my range, a ColorBox Petal Point pigment ink pad (I believe I asked for pigment inks in any color, because I have only black ... so rather than pick, she got me ALL the colors! ;)), a tiny shoe pendant/charm in a super-cute hand-sewn tiny baggie that I think is made of ribbon, some non-gourmet jelly beans (I love the non-gourmet kind, is why I mention that ;)), a little hand-made notebook, a pendanty thing that looks hand-made, too, although I have no idea what it's made of, and some Kool-Aid packets for dyeing, two of which I pulled out to immediately dye some Columbia roving. Plus, the wrapping materials were so pretty I took a picture of everything before I unwrapped it, and the tissue paper and ribbons will so get reused later. ;)

Big kudos to both Ina and Nancy for sending awesome packages. I love my swappy pals. :D

And just for fun, here's a photo of Plankton, the hand-dyed Merino I bought from Neauveau and which is still being played with in terms of processing methods, because I want to do it justice:

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