Apr 15, 2007

Rainbow of fluffies

...but without pictures, yet. Just record-keeping, at the moment. ;)

Did two dyepot/batches yesterday. For the first one...

Used 1 jar peach Cookie Baker's cookie stamping colors, and put in one batt of non-soft mystery destash wool, then added vinegar and dye; wool turned bright pink first, then when there was only orange/yellow left in the dye bath, put in a second batt of non-soft mystery destash wool, added some vinegar, left till dye nearly exhausted (leftover water vaguely yellow-tinted). Results: one bright coral pink/orange cloud, one melon orange cloud.

For the second one...

Used a couple of squirts of violet Wilton brush-on color added just after vinegar when the water was steaming, and put in one batt of soft mystery destash wool, which again turned bright pink first. ;) Put in another batt of soft mystery destash wool when it looked like there was just blue/purple left, and it absorbed a little bit of the pink in places, then sat there not really absorbing any of the blue, so I put in one packet of Kool-Aid Ice Blue Lemonade and left it till I felt like the white had all been filled in with a not-too-pale shade of blue. Results: one batt variegated bright pinky purple with bluish bits, one batt variegated light blue with lavender bits. I really liked this dyepot batch, and would like to try to reproduce something similar in a larger amount. ;D

Today, I did a big batt of non-soft mystery destash wool with one packet of Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid.

All the above batts were sort of pre-soaked, meaning I put them in hot water right before I put them into the dye bath, which seems like more of a superstitious ritual than anything else, but, well, there it is. ;)

And the latest batch is a jar of Cookie Baker's cookie stamping colors in forest green, on two of the smaller batts of non-soft mystery destash wool, pre-soaked for as long as it took the dye bath to heat up. Vinegar added before heating, dye added right before batts. I added a third NSMD batt after the first two looked sufficiently forest green and the dye bath looked dark blue, just to see if it would take any of the remaining dye. And then after I took a shower and the water was medium blue, I added one of the soft mystery batts. Wheee. ;) Results: two forest green clouds, 1 dark teal cloud, 1 teal cloud. I liked the results with this dye, too. :D
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