Jul 4, 2010

Of wool-washing, yarn-spinning, and reminiscing (TDF Day 1+2 update)

It's been a while since I posted photos of yarn, hasn't it? I must have been saving up for the Tour de Fleece. Here's what I spun yesterday and intend on finishing today (if I can ever meet my self-assigned inkle band weaving requirement for the day ;)):

TDF Day 1: Merino/Tussah leftovers

There's also some Clun Forest wool drip-drying over the bathtub after a nice hot bath, which could get spun this tour — why not? I bought it from Maya at Springtree Road a couple of months ago and have been a lazy bum about washing it until now ... but really, taking a couple of months to wash a fleece is GOOD for me. There were a few that had to wait a couple of years ... and some hidden in boxes around here still need scouring. Maybe I should always buy fleece in 4-oz increments — makes it easy to just throw it into a mesh bag and drop in a wash tub.

Oh, I suppose I could divide it up as soon as it gets here, too, but that seems a little out of character for my current self. My uber-organized, ever-productive teenage self really likes the idea, though. Alas. I ought to have discovered spinning and raw fleeces while I was in college. That would have given me time to get really good at both before I got brave enough be publicly fibery online. ;)

Veering back onto the topic of the Tour de Fleece, I remember last year's TdF, and it seems like forever ago. I was still at the Office Job of Doom, and the tour started exactly a year ago today — on July 4. I came home late, thanks to Independence Day festivities, and I'm pretty sure I got mopey when I got home, since I really don't enjoy feeling pressured to do things that are supposed to be fun. But in the spirit of Craft or Bust (I even used the word "bust" in my blog post from that day ;)), I refused to let my mood and my lack of time beat me: I spun. I spun about two inches of yarn. With my fingers. But still I spun.

Tour de Fleece Day 1

This tour, I'm yet again suffering from bouts of grumpitude at the idea that I have to spin every day — which is silly of me, and I intend on ignoring my grumpitude and pressing on this year, too, just like last year. But more notably, last year I was also suffering from Fiber Fright — the fear of "using up" precious, valuable stash. Thinking of it does make me a little edgy, but it's edgy because I don't want to end up with the fiber-artist's equivalent of writer's block again. My long-awaited point: I haven't actually had Fiber Fright this year. Maybe I ought to add "yet," but then again, maybe I ought not. I may have broken my Fiber Fright tendencies ... and that's a really nice thing to discover. Kind of appropriate to discover on Independence Day, too, I guess; it's a sign of my growing independent spirit? No? ;)

Well, happy Fourth again, anyway, and may the Fourth be with you all! ;)
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