Jul 11, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 27 Check-In and Roundup (July 4-10)

Craft or Bust Week 27 Check-In and Roundup (July 4-10)

I need to do something exciting with Craft or Bust so you guys have more incentive to participate. I guess we've hit the mid-year doldrums. Thanks, Jessica, for sticking with me last week. ;D

Roundup of Week 24: What We Crafted From June 27-July 3

  • Jessica finished her dad's socks on Saturday (you are a living knitting machine, chica), and you can see them in all their glory on her blog. She then cast on a dice bag for her brother and knit about a quarter of it, resurrected her Citron and knit about 35 rows (whew), packed up some RAKs to send, read the second Percy Jackson book, and watched all of season 2 of True Blood. Wow. Busy week.

Check-in for Week 26: What Have You Done Lately? (July 4-10)

What I did this week:

Still writing every day. (Surprise. ;) It'll be a shock if I manage to keep doing that until I'm done with the book, though.)

Troublesome mohairSunday, I made an Excel spreadsheet for tracking business stuff like fees and profits. Semi-creative, right? I also washed 4 oz of Clun Forest fleece, wove a cotton inkle loom band, and spun some more of the Merino/Tussah left over from making my Kindly Robin Goodfellow batts. Monday, I finished spinning the Merino/Tussah and started plying it; made another inkle-woven band in pink cotton, made 4 copper shawl pins (3 Waves of Compassion ones and this heart-shaped one), plied some flame-colored Shetland wool, spun a batt of Wooly Hands fiber in Citrus Salad, and researched pick-up patterns in inkle weaving. Tuesday, I spun the rest of the Wooly Hands fiber and plied it, pledged some money to tiny-but-awesome speculative fiction publisher Panverse Publishing (and if you like science fiction or fantasy, you should go and pledge, too! You can get a copy of their first anthology!), and sold three items in the Etsy shop (not creative on my part, but it helps motivate me to stay creative!). Wednesday, I dyed a whole goshdarn pound of Corriedale (WHEW — I think that's more than I've ever dyed in one day), hand-stamped some card stock for thank-you cards, made another Excel spreadsheet for tracking my Tour de Fleece progress, made 3 more WoC shawl pins and a star-shaped shawl pin, and spun some of a previously dormant bobbin of Merino. Thursday, I designed, printed, cut and glued product packaging for my shawl pins, dyed 8 oz of mohair, photographed my shawl pins, and spun some more of the Merino. Friday, I dyed 4 more ounces of mohair and fought with the rest of it to get the dye to rinse clear, wrote a draft of a shawl pin tips and tricks file (if you have suggestions for creative uses for shawl pins, let me know! I'll give you credit if I use your idea(s)!), volunteered to test a hooded shrug that looks completely perfect for me, and finished the bobbin of Merino I was working on. Saturday, I met Brandy, who won the hurricane shawl pin giveaway, face-to-face at her favorite coffee shop (photo forthcoming, as long as Brandy lets me post it!), and spun a tiny tiny bit of Ashland Bay Colonial wool on my drop spindle.

What. A. Week! How was yours? Let me know what you did in the comments, and don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!

And again, if you're new to Craft or Bust, check out the CoB rules page and sign up if you like — it's easy!
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