Jul 5, 2010

Inkle loom suggests a name; Tour de Fleece Day 3; and another flashback

Latest weavy discovery: My inkle loom is great for stashbusting. It takes so little yarn to make an inkle strip, and so little time to warp the inkle, and so little time to finish a strip, that my secret, till-now-unspoken goal to make an inkle strip a day for the duration of the Tour de Fleece looks almost too easy. (I'm sure it won't be, since something is bound to come up and hurt my productivity, but theoretically, I could double that goal and still make it.)

I may have to dub my inkle loom Stashbuster. Or something like that. ;)

Because seriously. Look what Inkle Love helped me make yesterday and today:

Cotton inkle bands
Two inkle strips I made on Day 2 and Day 3 of the Tour de Fleece. Both are made from dishcloth cotton. The blue one is something like plain weave, while the pink one is warp-faced, like inkle bands are "supposed" to be.

Interestingly enough, a look back at last year's Day 2 and Day 3 TDF progress shows that I was weaving on a new-to-me-but-not-actually-new loom (my 4-inch Weavette) last year, too.


Anyway, I finished spinning the Merino/Tussah leftovers today, and plied them:

Tour de Fleece, Day 3

Which brings me to...

Tour de Fleece 2010 Stats — UPDATED July 6, 12:22 a.m.

  • Yards spun, total: 264 yards singles-only, or 396 542 yards of singles + plying yardage
  • Ounces spun, total: 0.6 ounces
  • Skeins spun, total: 2 (2-ply hand-dyed Merino/Tussah in Oceany, 132 yds; 2-ply flame-colored Shetland, 146 yds)

TDF 2010 spinning records:
  • Most singles spun in one day: 0.2 ounces
  • Highest combined yardage (spun singles + plying) for one day: 200+ 346+ yards
  • Highest yardage plied (2-ply) in one day: 278 yards
  • Most skeins finished in one day: 2
  • Fastest rate-of-ply (2-ply): 6.64 yds per minute (398.4 yds per hour)
If I spin some more tonight, I'll have to update that, of course, and I'm probably going to confuse myself soon, but that's okay. I'm trying. ;) — NOTE: I did indeed spin some more, so the stats are indeed now updated. :D
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