Jul 2, 2010

Spinning and cycling, Chinese eyes, and my first inkle-woven band

The Tour de France, and thus the Tour de Fleece, starts tomorrow. Some of the fiber I'm going to try to spin in the next three weeks of mad yarn-making:

Sapphire Merino

Coastal Breezes top

Merino wool (English Garden colors)

Wooly Hands fiber

...and somewhere in there, I'm going to try to spin a mile of yarn in one day. Ha, ha, ha...

In other news, I got off my butt, warped the inkle loom, and made my first inkle band. I didn't even look up any directions until I needed to advance the warp, when I needed to move the knots at the ends of the warp. (I'd originally tied the ends of the warp to the loom, but they need to be re-tied to the band itself after warping, so the warp can advance.)

I swear it took me less time to finish weaving this band than it took me to figure out how to weave my first Weavette square ... which is pretty crazy. Especially considering I basically warped the loom for it twice. I'd love to be able to use the warping method in this YouTube video, but the heddle peg on my loom is closed on both ends, so I can't attach the heddles as I warp, like the video shows. I ended up using the loom as a warping board first, then wound a little ball with the free end of the warp yarn, then I re-warped and put the ball of yarn through a pre-tied heddle as I made every other warp. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, and the video doesn't help, well, maybe I'll just have to make my own? ;D

Anyway, this is what I made:

First inkle-woven band
Inkle-woven headband on my head, and as a bonus, you get to look at my suspicious Chinese eyes! ;)

Yessss ... I foresee more inkle weaving in my future. (But after the Tour de Fleece? Or during?)
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