Jul 28, 2010

A little fiber, a little cowardice

Guess what I have stashed, with no clue when they're coming out of hiding? Meaningful blog posts. I keep writing posts that have to do with personal progress, fears, emotions, achievement — all that philosophical stuff ;) — and then saving them as Word documents, thinking they need editing before I can release them into the wild. Then I let them quietly get old and fat in a folder on my hard drive.

Apparently, when I leave them long enough, I start to doubt whether there's any validity to posting them here. I start to make excuses as to why they should stay in hiding: They're too out of date now; nobody wants to read about that sort of thing; people will lose their respect for me and think I'm a crappy business owner if I post that kind of thing too often.

Notice that two of the three lame excuses I give myself are based on what other people think? (Yeah. I know. I probably "shouldn't care" what other people think, but that's a lot easier to say to myself when it has to do only with whether people like ME and nothing to do with whether they like the crafty stuff that pays for my house, food, books, and cats. ;))

So here's the moment of truth. I need you, dear invisible blog readers, to venture across the Intertubes and click a couple of times to help me out. Take my little poll and tell me what you think of "meaningful" blog posts, so I know once and for all whether I should get off my crafty arse and post them, or whether I really should save the whinging for the support groups. ;)

And oh, yeah. I haven't forgotten that I promised you fiber in the title of this post. I still need to take the "All this yarn got spun over the Tour de Fleece" showing-off photo, but in the meantime, this collage is as close as it comes:

Tour de Fleece 2010 collage

That's a pretty accurate reflection, color-wise, of what I did, but imagine a few more bobbins of a couple of different colors and you have a more accurate amount-representation.

More soon ... and please vote, me hearties, for the future of my blog posts. ;)
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