Jul 8, 2010

Mushrooms, compassion, yarn in orange and green, and a geeky song reference

Did you see the new Tour de Fleece 2010 tab up at the top of the blog? I'll be updating that page to reflect my overall progress while I continue to blather in individual blog posts. Seems neater that way, huh?

Plied this Shetland in the wee hours of Tour de Fleece Day 4:

Tour de Fleece, tail end of Day 3

And spun these singles from a set of Wooly Hands batts:

Tour de Fleece, Day 4

Yesterday, Day 5 of the Tour de Fleece, I finished plying the green singles:

Tour de Fleece, Day 5

...made some new Waves of Compassion shawl pins to fill recent orders...

Waves of Compassion x3

...and dyed a full pound of Corriedale fiber for the Phat Fiber sampler box. No pictures of that yet, but maybe if you wish at me, I'll get some soon. ;)

As a bonus from the world, maybe for getting so darn much done in one day, I finally found the tiny fairy ring that I was searching for a few weeks ago. Where was it? Fifteen feet from where I sit every day, under the huge live oaks outside the windows.

Little mushrooms

Looks like it's going to be another busy day today, but if all goes well, there will be a shop update tonight.

For some reason, I now have a song from Mulan stuck in my head.

Once you find your center/You are sure to win...
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