Mar 26, 2007

Things I'd Like to Make

The Grand List of Things I'd Like to Make:

(And for reference,'s "10 Healthy Actions to Get Out of a Funk")

Largish projects:

*Beachy Unmentionables pants sans lace
*Pinwheel sweater from
*Cable Cardigan for my mom?
*Sasha skirt
*SweaterBabe's Romantic Cable and Lace vest?
*Bella Paquita sweater?
*The Gerda stole
*The Print O' the Wave stole
*The stole from the Mystery Stole 2 knitalong, that I can't remember the name of right now ;)
*Moiraine stockings
*An Adamas shawl
*Lace Zenlike sweater thing from some Vogue Knitting, or one of those magazines ;)
*Some knit summer tops
*Pillow covers for the apartment floor pillows
*Coachella top

Mediumesque projects:

*Dark Mark illusion scarf
*Crescent Handy Hobo Handbag from Stitch Diva
*Triangular bag from the Wool Peddler
*Socks of Doom for me
*Bunny slippers for Brian
*Knit boxers (Sweetheart boxers from KnitPicks) for Brian
*Another pair of socks for Ben, cotton?
*A felted tricorn that actually is a tricorn ;)
*A gardening hat for Brian's mom?
*A knit bra for me, probably from one of the Knitty patterns (like 1930)
*A felted bag/basket for Ben's bicycle?
*Allusion - maybe?
*Socks for Shari?
*One or more of the shrugs from the Yarn Council web site
*The Lotus smock (possibly tunic length) from Stitch Diva
*Some pillows for the porch chairs
*Beaded wristlets from Susan's Spinning Bunny
*La Plage Seaside Espadrilles

Smallish projects

*Unbiased bag
*Lacy round washcloth
*A snood for myself
*Some kind of summer hat for myself
*A fingertip towel for the apartment
*More washcloths/hangy kitchen towels for Brian's
*A face towel for Brian's
*A summer head scarf for me that isn't ridiculously loud ;)
*Corkscrew scarf for myself?
*Water bottle carrier for the Florida festival season
*Woven belt with the funny small loom thing
*Knit marzipan decorations!

Random projects:

*Needle felting tool
*Something crewel ;)
*A Furoshiki?
*Handspun yarn based on book characters

To sew:

*A hakama for me
*Double wrap pants for me
*A comfy beachy shirt for Ben

Really arbitrary ideas that might or might not get done:

*Knit trash can
*Arbitrary green cropped sweater thing I originally started to use up some of the Wool-Ease leftovers stash
*Baby present for Liliana
*fingerless gloves in olivey green with long shaped seed stitch cuffs?
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