Mar 26, 2007

Taking out those UFOs

I finished the Jamaica bag from One Skein Wonders last night, unless you count that the cast-on tail is still dangling inside, which I'm not, since technically the bag is usable and you can't see that part unless you turn the bag inside-out to examine it. (As in the Costumers' Mantra of Olde: No One Can See It But Me; No One Cares But Me.) Brian and I discovered that the bag makes a curiously cute hat on both of us, though it looks rather Cat In the Hat-ish if presented as a hat not on someone's head. I may be forced to make a hat for him based on this pattern, though, just because it was so entertaining. No photos, though, and I'm not sure I'll manage to take any of anything today, since the camera batteries are currently whinging their last, and I'm not entirely sure what I did with the charger. I suspect it's in a duffel bag at Brian's, or elsewhere Not Here. Oops. ;D

I also like the circular spiral stitch enough that I was thinking of possibly making a sweater out of it, with maybe two stripes of color across the breastesses area, and then a lighter color for the main body and sleeves, so that you can see just the texture of the pattern stitch. Dunno. It would also make a good knit hat pattern in general, so I may do a hat based on it and send that out to Caps for a Cure.

And I finally figured out what on earth was wrong with the Moonlight Mohair capelet from knit.1 of something like two years ago: for one thing, I wasn't knitting to gauge, and even though it's a capelet and gauge isn't really crucial, it should still at least be gaugey enough to more than cover the tops of my shoulders; and for another thing, I was trying to actually follow the directions to make the "picot" rib thingie, which is a bad idea if the instructions are crap, which they are. ;) (Gosh, I feel like I'm trying to follow the instructions that come with sewing patterns again! ;)) With my since-acquired knitting experience, I figured out what the directions meant to say, but didn't, and tried it that way, and voila! even at too tight a gauge, I no longer feel like I'm going to break a knitting needle attempting to get faux suede yarn to stretch enough to fit two needles inside a stitch made ten rows ago. So now I just have to unravel the entire thing and start over, and once I do that, it should go fairly quickly. ;)

Next up on the list of UFOs to take out will be Brian's socks. I've been working on them on and off for the past week and a half or so, but I'm at a point where I need to pay enough attention to pick up stitches, which is why they aren't done already. And then after that there shall be new projectage, of summer tops, charity socks, and more charity caps. Oh, and a shawl and fingerless gloves.

I also just finished Funky Purl McBigBottom, and I'm crossing my fingers for the camera to stay alive long enough for me to take a photo, because I reeeaaallly want to take a picture and package this up and send it on its way today, so it isn't late. I mean, what's an April Fool's Fun swap package if it doesn't get there reasonably around April first? ;)
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