Mar 2, 2007

Knit Off rules

For my own personal reference, so I don't have to keep looking them up from the group. ;)

Patterns are posted at the beginning of each round. When you complete your project, take a photo and post it in the photos section of the Yahoogroup. Also email (I'm assuming this is the address that got Yahoo-cut to "yarnie@..." in this post) so there's an international email time stamp to reference. Whoever posts their photo of finished object first wins that round.

Round One materials requirements:

*set of US size 6 (or 5, for me?) dpns
*2 skeins of contrasting colors of double-knit weight yarn (with skeins 170m long, there's still some left over)
*gauge not crucial

I'm actually a little excited about this, since it's faster than Sock Wars and I get to make something for myself ... but I lose two days of knitting time thanks to FLaRF. Yarr. Wasn't Sock Wars during Pirate Fair? Why am I always doing a show when Yarn Monkey's knitting tournaments start? ;)
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