Mar 8, 2007

Fantasy travel agent swap open

I've started a swap called "Fantasy travel agent" on Swapbot. Details:

Summer's coming (or at least spring break ;)), and who's ready for a little vacation? In this swap you'll exercise your imagination, visit far away places (in your head, at least), and send a little souvenir of your travels on to others! This swap is geared toward artistic/altered artist types, and "wannabe" or newbie artists are welcome, 'cause we all have to start somewhere. :D

For this swap, invent an exotic locale. You can make it up entirely, base it on a real place, use a real place but give it an "alternate universe" sort of twist, or even use a historical nonmodern place. A magical Hawaii, maybe? A Caribbean where pirates still exist? A far-off planet with friendly alien natives?

For your chosen locale, you'll send to one partner:

* A brochure advertising this place. The brochure should be hand-made in some way, but you can make it on your computer and print it out, or draw the entire thing by hand, collage it, or any other form of creation you choose, as long as you make it. And make it attractive, with pictures and colors and interesting text -- after all, you're trying to get people to visit. :D
* A postcard from your imaginary place, with an anecdote on the back about your vacation there: tell people about the natives, the food, the shopping, the weather, a bizarre local incident, local history, etc. You may send the postcard inside the swap package (with a fake postage and postmark stamp?), or maybe send it "naked" through the mail so it gets a real postmark and a stamp. If you send it before or after the rest of your swap, you can use it to "tease" your partner. ;) Oh, and obviously, you'll have to make the postcard, unless your imagination has a gift shop. ;)
* A souvenir from your location. It can be touristy, like a refrigerator magnet or t-shirt for your fantasy place, or it can be cultural-feeling, like a hand-woven basket or hand-painted coconut bowl, but it must be a unique item with some hand-made aspect -- so buy something and alter it to make it more appropriate to your fantasy location, or you can completely hand-make it, whatever you choose. The value of your souvenir should be at least $5, but there's no top limit, in case you get terribly inspired to make something super-impressive. ;) Other souvenir ideas: a book of local recipes, "native" mask, landscape painting or framed "photo" (digital altered art, anyone?), or even some local candy or treat, if you're a creative foodie type.

You have a month from the sign-up deadline to create your fantasy travel swap package, which technically gives you almost two months if you start as soon as you sign up. If that doesn't sound long enough, and enough people mention it, I'll happily change it. :D

One recommendation: take a picture of your swap before you send it. You might wish you had later if you don't. ;)

Newbies with filled-out profiles are welcome! Perpetual flakes aren't ;), but a couple of bad ratings in an otherwise fine record won't get you booted. If you want to be a swap angel for those who get flaked on, let me know, since I want everyone to get something.

Come and play, and if you have questions, ask 'em!
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