Mar 9, 2007

Refreshing things to do

Not that this is directly craft-related, but frequently I feel like I need a change in what I'm doing, to refresh my day and get me moving again afterward. So's "10 Healthy Actions to Get Out of a Funk" are good ideas for me for when I'm putzing around trying to figure out what to do next, or when I'm not inspired with what I'm doing any more.

In other news, barely a photo around here lately, but I've been taking a few that I'm too lazy to get put up. I'll probably photodump early next week after I get back from my last weekend of FLaRF.

Also, I'm very nearly done with Mystery Skein Swap item 2. I got a bunch of it done yesterday while messing about with Brian's car and such. A couple more inches and woven-in tails, and VOILA! I shall be done with that swap. Yay. ;D
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