Mar 23, 2007

Getting into trouble: of swaps and trades :D

Never mind the drama on Swap-bot lately; it seems to happen everywhere, as soon as enough people decide a thing is important in their lives. The culture of the modern times (and probably of many times) seems to make the fearful rulemongers among the loudest voices in any group ... and even if they drive other people away, that doesn't mean we don't exist, nor does it mean we don't have power. It just means we aren't hanging out with the fearful rulemongers. ;) Are the rule-bending freaks more frightening to control freaks as an unseen underground, or as visible annoyances under their control? Rule freaks ought to think about that before they drive people away ... but alas. Thinking is sometimes at premium.

Anyway, I said never mind that. ;) I had to say my piece, and it's said. One of my latest frivolous, crafty troubles is that I've gotten myself into another trade; in this one I'm knitting a shawl and some wristwarmers for someone in exchange for a beachy bag full o' goodies. Another is that I'm about to embark on knitting Purl McBigBottom (with its annoyingly Stitch 'N' Bitch name ;)) as a semi-angel for the April Fool's Fun swap. I'm not sure I'm really needed to angel, since the person who's supposed to send the swap is still in communication, if in a bit of a strange spot, but if semi-angeling will get rid of some of my stash and let me knit a purse (which I haven't done before but have been wanting to), then why not? More goodies for all, and more stashbusting for me!

First I have to find some suitable needles, though. I don't know that I have any in the proper size, but whatevs. Adaptation is the name of the game for this dealie, and it's a purse, after all.

Oh, and I'm also hoping to join the Create-Along soon, which is a community blog for knitters who want to design their own patterns. I'm a Rank Beginner at that, but I'm hoping to learn a lot from that blog, and to be one of those people the blog owners are hoping to free from their uncertainty about designing. 'Twould be awesome. :D
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