Mar 5, 2007

Knit Off, shot down ;)

Well, I've been soundly beaten without even knowing what the pattern was till it was over. ;) The first round pattern for the Knit Off was Uniscarfity, and someone in group J is already done, so I'm out. As Paisley says, "Eek!" But that's all right. I don't need another scarf, anyway, being in Florida, and all, and doing Uniscarfity feels a little contrary to my Knitter's Guidelines for this year, since I don't really fancy the pattern all that much, and I'm technically not permitted to start knitting new projects, especially for myself, that I don't reeaaallly like.

In other news, Brian was thinking of learning to spin so he can help me make stuff to sell on Etsy. He works at a call center, and says there are people who do non-work-related stuff there all the time, so he could totally get away with spinning yarn at work. I find this pretty funny. Brian so cuuute. ;D

And in more other news, I managed to get my right pointer finger whacked with a spear this weekend in my fight with Troy, so I'm not in the best crafty production shape. Oops! It should be fine in a few days, but until then, I'll probably be slightly impaired in the crafting sector. Mumble. Oh, well. At least it's an interesting excuse. ;)
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