Feb 16, 2007


Working on a Lacy Round Washcloth today, potentially for a swap. It's a day late as of today, but hey, it's a slacker swap, so they should expect that sort of thing, right? ;) I'll send on Monday or Tuesday, really...

Almost done with Piggle. I got maybe a third of the way into the crown decreases last night before my brain zonked out and I reached the point where I know I shouldn't knit lace any more because I'll end up ripping it out anyway ... especially annoying if it's lace with decreases. ;)

Huuuungry. Why must my luck run so that people eat my food the day I splurge to buy it, after they've ignored my food for months on end? Siiiigh. It makes me sad, but then, I have a theory that I'm small enough that eating my food is a little like eating a starving person's food; I don't have enough of it, and I need what little I eat badly enough, that I'm justly territorial. Depriving me of my food is pushing me (further?) into the fat-burning reserves, and y'know, I don't have a lot of fat left to burn. I'm trying to get back to 100 pounds, guys -- as in, up. Don't eat my food. ;)
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