Feb 1, 2007

Random polymer clay

ObPersonalBlether: Poor Brian got shot down this morning, as he called it. He's looking for a new job, and our friend Paul works at a tool company where there's a job opening. He made it sound like an easy in, so we went by to drop off a resume before work this morning ... where they made him fill out an application because they don't take resumes, then interviewed him immediately, apparently with the attitude that he was wasting their time because there were three other more experienced applicants in line for the position. On top of that, the interviewer made Brian late for work at his current job, which I find absolutely idiotic. That sort of behavior is completely inappropriate in someone holding a management position. If I had known the man was in the process of not only making Brian late, but also making Brian feel bad for no good reason, I would have hunted them down in the building and interrupted the interview to insist that Brian not be late. Just goes to show I should feel free to break rules and be crazy; if he's not going to get that job anyway, why should Brian waste his time with someone who thinks he has better things to do?

Grr. Anyway. ;) It'd be nice if I could make Brian feel better without making myself feel worse (and I mean both of those things generally, as in, he ought to feel better in general without my feeling worse in general, 'cause what's the use in that?), and one way to do that would be by bringing in more income with things that I already like doing. Must come up with a good craftiness business plan.

The requisite photos for today are of a) a heart I made for a Valentine's swap, and b) some extra goodies I made while I was playing with clay, namely a heart for me (that's the one with the curl on one side, sans beadies), plus two beads with beads in them. ;)

And the backs of the hearts:

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