Feb 5, 2007

Finished Projects of 2007

In the effort to keep organized tabs on my creative insanity, I'm making a Grand List of Finished Projects of 2007, to be accompanied by a Grand List of Projects in Progress, a Grand List of UFOs to Resurrect, and a Grand List of Future Projects. Then I can list just the numbers on my blog index page (e.g., "Hats Knit: 3," etc.). Soooo...

Here's my running list of finished knits of 2007:

*Ben's mismatched mittens
*Mystery Skein Swap item 1 - a hat from One Skein Wonders
*Spiral Rib hat for Caps for a Cure
*Paisley's Piggle hat
*Felted summer hat - made from cream-colored wool donated by Ben's grandmother, my first felted project :D
*Mystery Skein Swap item 2 - ribbed wristwarmers from the 2006 pattern-a-day knitting calendar
*"Simple Yet Effective" shawl variation - pink and orange stashbuster for April Fool's Fun swap [finished in early March]
*Eyelet skirt from Knitty [finally finished, seams, tails, and all, on March 16]
*Jamaica bag from One Skein Wonders [March 25]
*Funky Purl McBigBottom for a semi-angel for April Fool's Fun swap
*Cabled cozy socks from Handknit Holidays, for Brian in gray Merino wool (Patons Classic, I think)
*A scalloped edging for the much-delayed Fabric Scrap Craft
*Tropical Island shawl (for trade with kiakiali)
*Ball band washcloth (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) in purple and black for SBS Teas Secret Spring Genie 2007
*Ball band washcloth in pink and purple for Earth Mother's Day Swap-bot swap [April 27, 2007]
*Star Stitch hanging towel with joined loop at top instead of button [June 25, 2007]
*Warm Up America afghan square in white acrylic yarn (finished for Ben) [August 28, 2007]
*Sunday Market Shawl [early September]
*Bronwyn's square-bottom dice bag in Mainstays variegated blue acrylic [September 14, 2007]
*Loom-knit hat - two strands of acrylic worsted weight yarn, size smallish [September 26, 2007]

Finished spinning/fiber projects:

*Spin to Knit secret pals skein 1 // 2-ply Columbia fingering weight - yardage?
*Hand carded mini-batts from raw Columbia fleece // mission: failed ;) - weight?
*Birthday gift for me: .9 oz Merino/Tussah in blue colorway, sport or possibly DK weight - ~240 yards
*Spin to Knit secret pals skein 2 // 2-ply alpaca, 30.3 yards, .9 oz bulky weight (10 wpi)
*Brown alpaca - from sample sent with destash purchase of cotton and wool, hand carded into batts before spun - singles, 44.7 yards, .3 oz lace to fingering weight?
*Blue-green mohair/Merino blend done on hand carders as per Knitty instructions - .6 ounces
*2 drum-carded batts from gray spinning bell [some leftovers of lighter gray spinning bell]
*Gray-blue Columbia/mystery wool fiber blending experiment - hand carded, .2 oz
*3 batts of drum-carded blue Columbia/gray mystery wool [April 12, 2007]
*Yarn: 1 skein silvery gray mystery wool, sample from fiber shop at Bay Area Renaissance Festival - .4 oz [yardage?] [WPI?]
*Yarn: dark gray spinning bell wool singles - 75 yards, .4 oz - about sport or fingering weight [to be plied with something]
*Yarn: 54 yards (.2 oz) gray/blue Columbia/spinning bell (from first fiber blending experiment) singles, about fingering weight
*Yarn: 92 yards singles white fingering weight Columbia (from commercially-processed roving) to be plied with something for the Orphan Handspun Swap
*Yarn: 40 yards yellow-white mystery wool two-ply sport weightish - Anne's custom embellishment yarn (to be dyed); dyed blue, green, and mauve!
*Yarn: 80 yards gray variegated Jacob singles fingering weight to be plied with something for Orphan Handspun Swap (possibly to be overdyed)
*Yarn: mini-skein two-ply dark dyed alpaca and a tiny bit of silver wool
*Yarn: 70.8 yards two-ply dark purple/white Jacob/Columbia fingering to sport weight (for Orphan Handspun Swap) [May 04, 2007]
*Woven belt: worsted-weight cotton with blue flecks, to go with my silk robe
*Weaving: rigid heddle test project (short woven band, worsted-weight cotton)

Finished hairpin lace:

*Triple Threat scarf in red Lion Cotton Solid
*Superfringe scarf in Blue Heather Wool-Ease

Finished art-type projects:

*Brian's pocket heart
*Valentine's hearts
*Mini-ATC: "Smitten 1"
*Things With Wings matchbox fill
*ATC: "Love That Coat"
*ATC: "Knit Love"
*2 sets of wish stones: 1 stamped glass marbles (hearts), 1 stamped polymer clay (purple, silver, and translucent marbled)
*Purple postcards, set of 3 (for a Swapbot swap) - cut from a Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream box
*Old Box ATCs, series of 10 (for a Swapbot swap) - cut from various cardboard boxes
*I (heart) books bookmarks - 2
*"Why I Swap"/Happy Spring postcards (2) - blue and yellow, plants and flowers, simple Gel Pen embellishment
*"Orient" puzzle piece for Robin's charity "Destinations" art puzzle [April 06, 2007]
*2 fat book pages for Robin's charity, "Nature" and "Tea"
*Old Box ATCs, series of 9, for Old Box ATCs #3 Swap-bot swap
*ATC: "Zetti Vacation" for Secret Spring Bunny Swap
*"Courage" matchbox shrine for Personalized Value Matchbox Shrine [April 12, 2007]
*Postcards: 3 yellow postcards for Swap-bot swap [April 16, 2007]
*Altered journal (blue and green naturey) for Creative Journal Swap
*3 bookmarks (April 27, 2007): one Old Box bookmark (Thai Kitchen noodle bowl) for Earth Mother's Day swap, one vintagey flowery bookmark, one kitty bookmark, the second two for "newbie/changing bad ratings" swap on Swap-bot
*ATCs: 3 Old Box ATCs for re-send to Mary Rousseaux (downtown painter) {May 01, 2007}
*Altered toy animal (voodoo war pig) for Eccentric Pastiche swap [May 09, 2007]
*Hand-bound tea book for Eccentric Pastiche swap [May 09, 2007]
*Blue postcards (3) for Etsy swap [May 17, 2007]
*ATC: "Rainforest Frogs" for Surf the Net with Me Etsy swap [May 21, 2007]
*Wall art: "Le Coq" 4x4 for Mini Wishlist 2
*Polymer clay good luck charm for Mini Wishlist 2
*Purple and green bookmark for Tiny Box of Joy [May 29, 2007]
*3 ATCs for "Things I Wish I Said" swap": "Lovely Friends," "Immature," "Thoughtful Gift" [June 12, 2007]

Jewelry of 2007:

*Surfer Girl ring
*Simple ear cuff design
*Dangly ear cuff design
*Current 1 ring
*Polymer clay beaded beads - 1 barrel bead and 1 disc bead in Valentine's colors
*Little birdie necklace
*Phoenix Flame necklace - handspun alpaca I-cord with hand-made polymer clay pendant (red, brown, yellow)
*Diamond pendant-charms (flat top-drilled bead things) from the same cane as Phoenix Flame necklace, plus one more pendant
*Pink and black swirl pendant-charms from a cane used for buttons
*Earrings for nktigger of Swapbot: blue-green crackle glass tube beads over black spirals, silver-plated ear wires
*Necklace: polymer clay disc embedded with seed beads on I-cord, red, white, and cream, 17.5 inches long, with copper wire hook on yarn loop
*Ring: size 8 re-do of Surfer Girl for Flory
*Ring: size 6.5 copper ring, Bright Bubbles
*Earrings: black and silver for Mini Wishlist 2

Finished sewn objects of 2007:

*Pin cushion for Fabric Scrap Craft [April 17, 2007]

Things that don't fit anywhere else of 2007:

*A coiled fabric scrap basket for me
*Polymer clay buttons: 2 sets
*Pom pom scarf (acrylic) for "Different Scarf" swap [April 09, 2007]
*Purple and black two-strand basketweave mini tote for Secret Spring Genie on SBSTeas.com [April 24, 2007]
*Pink, cream, and orange three-strand basketweave tote for Earth Mother's Day swap on Swap-bot [April 26, 2007]

Trades of 2007:

*2 oz. Columbia roving for a hairpin lace loom

"Tools" made in 2007:

*Stitch markers: 2 sets
*Polymer clay spindles: 1
*Point protectors: blue and green stars, 1 set
*Point protectors: blue and green discs plus crackle glass bead, 1 set

Next up, the Grand List of WIPs...
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