Feb 5, 2007

Grand List of WIPs


Nearly done
*Crane on Knit Not War pattern (still unfelted)

Largish projects

*Black alpaca lace shawl - Beth
*”Garden” Mystery Pi shawl - me
*Licorice vest - me
*Purple lace shawl - ? {frog and make socks from the yarn, using the shawl pattern for some other yarn?}
*Moonlight Mohair cape - me
*Yellow square-neck tank top - Mom
*Black and white lacy sweater - me {frog and turn into a Coco jacket?}
*Brian's Duel sweater

Mediumish projects

*Sahara (sleeveless) for Sexy Knitters' Club knitalong
*Cabled chenille scarf - Virginia
*Eyelet spiral socks - (It's a gift!)
*Branching Out scarf - Shari (whose birthday gift for this year just arrived today :D)
*Furry magic scarf - me {frog and turn into a lacy shawl on large needles?}
*SFS Big Black Socks
*SFS leisure socks - yet to start
*Paige's Tinker shawl

Smallish projects

*Fingerless gloves for a trade with kiakiali
*Chenille fingerless gloves - me


*Spin to Knit Orphans Handspun Swap - 120 yards of something, anything :D
*Birthday gift for me: laceweight/cobweb Colonial in "teal green" type color
*Red Merino DK or sportweight (not sure which ;))
*Hand-painted "Spring Misty" Merino DK or sportweight
*Basket of Columbia - hand combing
*Plankton, hand-dyed Merino from Neauveau - partly drum-carded early April 2007, the rest possibly to be combed?


Nothing, at the moment!

Swaps, exchanges, and trades

*Private trade for fiber
*Batt comparison swap on thefibergoddess
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