Feb 5, 2007

Scary fiber thoughts

Someone has offered me a super-awesome deal on a Louet roving carder ... and I think I may take her up on it, since I've had drum carders on the brain recently, and I know that having a drum carder will make me process those fleeces I have sitting around. The processing part of making yarn is what takes the longest, and I was so annoyed with the crappy job I did of hand carding that (admittedly VMy) Columbia the other day, I probably won't try that method again any time soon. (I'm sure I will try it again someday, and it'll turn out fine after my requisite sinking-in waiting period, but I don't want to wait any longer to turn my fleeces into spinnable fluffies. ;))

So yeah. I may have a drum carder soon, and that's kind of scary. ;D Imagine me with all that fiber-processing power, dyeing and carding up a fluffy storm...
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