Dec 13, 2006


Should be: knitting Intolerable Cruelty. Am, in fact: spinning overdyed red Merino.

I got into a spinning fit earlier thanks to finishing, skeining and center-pull-balling my first ply (green wool/mohair Potluck from Ferndale Fibers) for the magic yarn ball, and almost making it through a fairly large chunk of undyed Columbia that I'm going to try using for the second ply. I ran out of time, though, and had to vanish off to Second Home (or First Home, depending on how you think of it ;)), bringing with me only the overdyed red Merino and the rest of the undyed Columbia. The idea was that these are the colors I need for the Santa hat from Handknit Holidays, that I was thinking of spinning the yarn for, since it only requires about 100 yards each of bulky weight and worsted weight yarn. I don't know whether this Merino is going to end up being my worsted weight, but it sure is pretty. :D

Tomorrow I should end up plying the magic yarn ball yarn and possibly putting together the magic yarn ball itself. I ought also to finish that shrine and put it in the mail, but then, I ought to be rather further along on Intolerable Cruelty if I'm going to feel comfortable with my progress. Oh, well. Maybe once I've had my spin-out I'll feel more like knitting. This seems to happen to me fairly frequently -- the thing where I feel like doing one thing when I should be doing another -- but it always seems wiser to follow my heart and let myself do the thing I've been neglecting for a while than to be anal retentive and stick with something I don't honestly want to be doing, even if it throws me off schedule. If my brain is coming back fast enough, then all will end well even if I think I'm behind. And if my brain isn't coming back fast enough, then following my heart is still good practice. ;)
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