Dec 7, 2006

Fatefuler and fatefuler

(Terribly, terribly not a word.)

Anyway, I've joined the Intolerable Cruelty knitalong and have scanned the archives to find I'm doing yet more dangerous things than I knew consciously. ;) The yarn I'm using, of course, has silk content, which is specifically anti-recommended by the pattern designer because silk tends to make knitting grow and sag ... and I'm not actually sure if using a slightly lighter weight yarn with much smaller needles to achieve the same gauge as the pattern means my gauge is looser or not, but if it does, that's a danger zone, too. Wooeeeoo. Well, at the very least I hope the skirt works for the Pimps and Ho Ho Hos party -- and if all goes ill afterward, I can always rip it and use the pretty yarn for a sweater. I'm sure there's a sweater I've been yearning to make that calls for a DKish yarn.

And yes, for once I did do what I said and cast on last night. Even managed to knit six or so rows. ;D Of course, that also means I didn't manage to get anything spun last night ... C'est la vie. So today is crunch day, as Friday afternoon I go straight from St. Pete to Largo to catch a ride to Boynton Beach for the pirate show all this weekend. No coming back here to Palm Harbor to pick up anything I may have forgotten ... Ha, ha. I guess that means I'll end up doing without something I wanted, because there's no way my memory is going to suddenly start working again in the next twenty-four hours. ;D
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