Dec 7, 2006

Cool breezes and palm trees...

...are what this yarn is named for: Key West Ice Cream is its current name. I didn't actually spin it, but rather, plied it out of an assortment of yarns I had sitting around. Got 25 yards total, and since the original fuzzy green yarn was driving me nuts in its earlier incarnation, at least this is a visual improvement. ;D The blue plies are weaving yarn I got from some thrift store or other, and the silver and white ply is crochet thread. Most of the plies are multi-ply themselves, so this is supermulti-ply yarn. ;) As usual, forgive my lazy bowing to the flash effects ... and, er, my current inability to use English. The actual yarn isn't plasticky-looking at all.

I wanted to try something new for the Spinner's Magic Yarn Ball Swap since it's supposed to be about art yarn, and I do like how this turned out. I'll probably be "rescuing" some of the other annoying yarns in my stash. :D

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