Nov 30, 2006

Sock warrior thwarted once more

Le arghle! I went on a sock-knitting binge tonight and attempted to finish my second pair of Socks of Doom, so they could possibly get sent tomorrow, but much to my dismay, my suspicions were correct ... I have like eight yards too little yarn. I'm in the middle of the toe decreases on the second sock and I've run out. Sheesh! I do have more of this type of yarn in my stash, so I can finish the pair tomorrow, but goshdarnit. I'd have liked to do it tonight. And the yarn in my stash is a different color than the yarn the rest of the socks are knit in, but I know that if I decide to rip out the toes and re-knit them in the same color of yarn, so the socks match, I won't end up finishing till after New Year's unless I have a fit of inspiration. So, my dear sock victim, you're going to have one interesting pair of socks coming to you soon. ;) I hope you don't mind too much, and I figure, if it bothers you enough, then you, too, are a knitter, and are fully capable of fixing this thing that bothers you and making all right with the world.

So tomorrow: Little Bit of Everything swap, the last of the Sock Wars, and spinning for my magic yarn ball. Then after that, it's solely catch-up and get-ahead.

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