Nov 13, 2006

Behind, but not beaten! ;)

Whew. I love it when my weekends end before they start. ;D

As always, not quite caught up with my to-do list, but mild feelings of self-shoulder-petting still exist, since the "what I'm behind on" list isn't as bad as it has been in the past. For my own sake, I update! To do, not necessarily in this order:

*Sew TJ shirt
*Knit bunny slippers
*Bead ornaments
*Spin two-ply Columbia yarn, package up one lock of wool and one ounce of roving to send for swap
*Write grunge style article (technically not a crafty thing, but it's going on this list anyway because it needs to be done)
*Finish puzzle pieces [and send them]
*Make Christmas tags [and send]
*Make Ancient Egypt ATCs [and send]
*Buy white fabric for TJ's shirt
*Buy pink or dyeable-to-pink yarn for Dave's bunny slippers
*Decide which pattern to use for Dave's bunny slippers
*Finish first Sock Wars sock in second Pair of Doom and cast on the second sock[1]
*Yarn ornaments
*Wash Columbia fleece

[1] Yes, I am still slacking on this. Bad sock assassin, bad!

Cryptic optionalesque things to do for Pirate Fair:

*Sew a cloth voodoo doll for bar brawl
*Carve "cursed" stamp
*Sew casing onto Brian's shirt cuffs
*Re-sew straps to my vest
*Paint? designs on my vest
*Make something to keep me warm
*Get my gray cloak for Brian to borrow
*Find/make some form of underthing to wear under Voodoo wrap shirtamabob
*Post character info to Pirate Fair boards?
*Make hairnet
*Make bone danglies for hair and arm(bands)
*Get belt from sword
*Make pouch
*Make wire and cloth snake?

There's more technically on the to-do list than that, but, er, yes. ;) This is sort of a condensed reminders list to fill in the gaps in my memory where they're likely to occur, rather than an official to-do list. (And how much do I not want to psych myself out by listing a dozen tiny tiny things that will take me two minutes to finish, alongside the things that will take me two hours? ;))

I received a lovely three-ATC RAK from Teresa on Eccentric Pastiche today, huzzah huzzah. And I sent my dishcloth exchange swap -- gasp! -- before the deadline today! Photo of what got sent:

And whoa. I just got made maintainer of the fortrade Livejournal community. That was quick. ;) Hopefully that means a (re)new(ed) trading community will be coming to a Livejournal near you quite soon. :D
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