Nov 27, 2006

First Etsy sale and Catch-Up Day

It's catch-up day here in St. Pete, meaning today is devoted to doing as much as humanly possible to catch up with all the things I'm supposed to be doing/have done. (As a side note, I was eerily housewifely today: I left Brian fried rice for dinner, folded his laundry, and did the dishes for him. Wooeeoo! But that's because it's his birthday week and I want to do as many Nice Things as I can.) So far my catching up has been limited to some cleaning and reorganizing, and putting together my only very slightly late Girly Box Swap. Other swaps forthcoming as I zip through the day ... snailishly.

But in other news, I actually made a sale on Etsy! Whoa! Somebody bought the one skein of handspun yarn I had listed. Eep! I ought to actually list some more. ;) But that, like everything else, comes once I've caught up with the stuff I'm behind on. I may need to designate another catch-up day this week, but I Will Persevere! I'm still inconveniently tired, which slows things down, but ... I suspect my world will speed back up once I'm not bogged down by having to do eight million things for other people.

Whew! Off to package some yarn, eat, then do some of that snailish zipping. ;D
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