Nov 9, 2006

Being sick is sucky ;D

The dear Brian made me stay home and rest several days last week (well, he encouraged me strongly enough that I managed not to neglect myself completely, anyway ;)), so as a result I didn't get a whole lot done, buuuut ... updates!

Sock Wars! Turns out I'm in the top 105 remaining sockly assassins! Pretty funny, that. ;) As for my current deadly pair of socks, I'm on the toe decreases on the first sock. I know, I'm being slow ... but that's what happens when I have to make two costumes as well as knit, and then I get sick on top of it. ;)

Pirate Fair costumes: I have Brian's pants done except for the bottom drawstrings. Considering that's one costume piece out of six, it sounds like a rather pathetic tally, but! (It's the infamous Costume Hell Week "but." ;)) My own pants won't take very long, since I'm allowed to fudge things on my pants I won't fudge on his; and if I have to, I can make him a half-an-hour shirt rather than the pretty one with gussets I really want to make. And if he has to, technically he can wear the vest I don't like. It's even the right color on the inside -- almost the same color as the new vest I'm making him, that is. That just leaves my bodice-type thing and my own vest. The thing that's really keeping me from doing my own costume at the moment is fabric. It's down to the wire and I still don't really know what colors I'm using for which pieces of my costume. Doh!

And do you know, it would be a lot easier to finish these costumes Lickety Split if my sewing things were all at Brian's, instead of forty-five minutes away. ;) Oh, and not that this is craft-related, but my new snake charmer pipe got here today and it's whoa bigger than the first one ... and also whoa more functional. Hurrah! Now I have to learn to play it semi-decently in a week. ::rolls eyes::

Breed Swap: My raw Columbia got here yesterday (I think it was yesterday; I didn't go by the house and check my mail then, so it could have been today, but who on earth cares but me? ;)), so now I have the roving to spin and divide as well as the raw fleece to take locks from. All that remains is to wash and dry the fleece, pick out some locks, spin a few yards of yarn, and package everything up. Not too much trouble. (Though again, it would help if my craft stuff were at Brian's, or alternately if I were in the same vicinity as my craft stuff, wherever that happened to be. Mumble.)

No progress worth reporting on anything else I can think of. Swap ornaments to go out this week, dangit! To do tonight, then:

*Take measurements for Brian's shirt
*Cut pieces for Brian's shirt
*Possibly hand-sew Brian's shirt (since this is doable and some parts will have to be hand-sewn anyway), depending on how much time I have in the evening
*Get fabric for my costume
*Wash and dry fabric for my costume
*Make myself a pair of pants?
*Finish knitting and stuffing yarn ornaments
*Get beads for bead ornaments
*Finish one Sock Wars sock and cast on the second

It's really not that much, but the trouble will be remembering it all ... hence noting it here. ;)

Then tomorrow, these things must be done if they haven't been already...

*Sew my pants
*Sew my bodice thingy
*Sew my vest
*Make wire ornaments
*Sew Brian's vest (semi optional)
*Sew Brian's shirt (the easy version if there's a time crunch)
*Wash fleece

That somehow doesn't seem like enough. ;) What? A list less than ten items long? What's wrong with me?
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