Nov 27, 2006

I'm so slow...

I've finished all the required Christmas tags except for the fibers to tie them to the gift with, and I finally overdyed that 2 oz. of Merino roving I got from the dyeing exchange that was just sitting there because it was peach and I didn't feel like spinning peach roving. ;) It's now a variegated brown through reddish color, though I'm not sure of the exact color at the moment since the lighting in here isn't terribly good.

...anyway. Now I'm making some more Christmas tags to send along with some of the ever-so-slightly late (a couple of days barely seems to count, really...) swap packages I'll be sending soon. And if I'm really on the ball, some will go out with swaps from the slowly shrinking but currently still existent Superlate Swaps list. La.

Also to do tonight: play with the new pasta machine and the not-so-new but unused sweater machine.

(Tick, tock, tick...)
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