Nov 1, 2006

New fluffies!

No pics yet, because I'm too lazy/impatient (mercurial, to stick with my blog name, ha ;D) to arrange things nicely for a photo, but my roving for the Spindlers Breed Swap came in today, along with a binge box of stash-hopping fibers -- meaning they came from someone else's destashing and are now part of my stash. ;D There's a gray spinning bell, some Jacob roving, some random white domestic wool roving, and some Merino roving -- I've never had a spinning bell or Jacob wool before, so this was partly an experiment for me, and partly I'm going to be dyeing some things that I don't have to process by hand first. Yay! I want to play with my fluffies! But I must continue to madly knit on my current pair of death socks first...
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