Jun 10, 2010

Ever have a super-busy day and still not check anything off your to-do list?

That's about the way my day has gone. Overall, it seems like it's been a success (and it's not over yet, by a long shot), but most of what I've done has been working toward checking items off the to-do list ... not quite getting there. And the amazing thing is that I'm still not done. Today I understand what my fellow crafty business owners mean when they say they work far more hours for themselves than they ever did for anyone else.

While I take a breather from the stuff-to-do-that-keeps-on-coming, here are some highlights of my day:

Michaels was my savior today. They had the wooden wheels that Jo-Ann did not, and thusly, I made these little cuties:

Drop spindles
Drop spindles for my spinning demo this Friday.

And because the pictures came out pretty darn well for a seven-year-old camera plus me stabilizing myself on the table to keep from blurring everything because I'm too lazy to maneuver the tripod out from its nook in the craft room, here are some more spindle shots:

Drop spindles
Spindle pr0n!

Drop spindles
More spindle pr0n!!

Technically, the spindle shafts still need to be shortened and maybe sharpened on one end for potential supported spinning. But that's getting done when the first mate gets home and he can tell me where the saw is.

I also listed and sold that pair of custom fingerless gloves I've been working on:

Ninja gloves!
I like to call them the NINJA GLOVES!

And listed my first charm pin in the Etsy shop:

Teeny-tiny shawl pin made for the gardening theme of this week's collaboration with Megan of Late Night Design.

Plus I prepped all the Phat Fiber samples for packaging; took a thousand million photos (well, give or take a thousand million or so) of Phat Fiber samples, full-size batts, the abovementioned charm pin and fingerless gloves, and my new mug (for Slice of Life Tuesday); adjusted said photos for color, brightness and size; designed, printed, and trimmed two sets of labels for Phat Fiber samples; and signed up to participate in Tampa's Etsy Craft Party as their fiber arts station demonstrator. Among other things, like cleaning and emergency grocery shopping, that are not craftily relevant.

I still need to actually package up the Phat Fiber samples and the fingerless gloves, put in some fiber orders, pay some bills (yay), do some research, order some more business cards and read up on plotting, dangit so that my brain doesn't stall in the middle bits of the book I'm currently writing, which is about where I've always lost it in the past.

Someone come be my pleasant, breakfast-laden alarm clock, please, so that even though I will likely give up before getting all that done tonight, I will still wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow in order to do all the other things that need, need, need to be done.

Oh. And to add a little amusement to the busy, my ten-year reunion is this Friday and — wait for it — rather than attending it, I will be doing the oft-mentioned spinning demonstration, just ten minutes from where my former classmates are meeting, drinking, and watching a slideshow of our ten-years-younger selves.

Happy ten-years-since-high-school to me. This is where I am ten years from graduation. I bet — if I'm still alive ;) — I'll be somewhere freakin' amazing in another ten years. Wait and see. ;D
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