Apr 18, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 15 Check-In and Roundup (April 11-17) — and First Quarter Awards!

Notes & Announcements


CoBers, WE DID IT! We made it through the first quarter of 2010! :D Whether it was hard or easy, whether you succeeded at your goal(s) or not ... We made it, and here we are, with a fresh new, hopefully crafty quarter before us! :D

IN HONOR OF YOUR MIGHTY ACHIEVEMENTS, in honor of your willingness ITSELF to participate, in honor of your bravery in signing your name to the list to try to meet your crafty goals ... I present to you the Official Craft or Bust First Quarter Achievement Badge! You all deserve it!

Craft or Bust pics

And there are some other graphics, too. Right-click and download (or click the graphic to go to Flickr and download it) the badge(s) of your choice and display them proudly wherever you choose! It'd be nice if you linked them to the rules page, but like pretty much everything CoB, no requirement. (And if you need me to change a color to match your blog, or put your name on a badge, or something, let me know. :D)

Craft or Bust picsCraft or Bust pics

And what you've all been waiting for (or, well, you know ... maybe I'm just being hyperbolic ;)) ... the PROJECT OF THE QUARTER!

This very first prestigious award goes to...

Michelle/Halloweentango's handmade journal with watercolor paper!
Handmade journal with watercolor paper

For you, a special badge:

Craft or Bust pics

And for all those of you (us!) who were nominated, honor to you, too! You also get your own special badge:

Craft or Bust pics

Trumpets sound! Confetti falls from the sky! Doves fly around with whirring wings!

Craft or Busters ROCK!

Feel free to post your proudest achievement(s) of the quarter with your check-in today. :D

Now ... back to crafty business. ;)

Roundup of Week 14: What We Crafted From April 4-10

  • Courtney joined us again after a bit of a break! She repurposed a shirt that didn't fit into a bag that does. Read about it on her blog.
  • LunabudKnits, a.k.a. Stephanie Stratton, has been painting a spinning wheel that will be going to Russia. Coooool. She's also been spinning some alpaca and has acquired a bunch of fleeces for The Blanket.
  • Jessica finished the legs of her socks and made it into the heel flaps (oh, the endless heel flaps...), made it halfway through the thumb gusset of Yong's second mitten, made peanut butter cookies, and daydreamed about knitwear while looking at yarn on the Internet. (Hey, me, too! Well ... I've been looking at fiber and thinking of yarn, anyway...)
  • Michelle a.k.a. Halloweentango did a Whole Bunch of Stuff that's on her blog, which she kindly requests you check since she didn't want to wear out her crafty fingers with a neverending update. ;)

Check-in for Week 15: What Have You Done Lately? (April 11-17)

What I did this week:

Springtime flowers outside the condoSunday, I wrote a poem (I think the first of the year!). Monday, I wrapped up my Very First batch of Phat Fiber yarn samples. :D Tuesday, I took some photos of the front "yard," bought some fleece (...as if I need more fiber...), designed a mini yarn label for the Phat Fiber samples, and started spinning some Shetland roving from the stash. Wednesday, I did some writing exercises. Thursday, I worked on a new blog banner (yet to come!). Friday, I worked some more on the blog banner, a sidebar graphic, and a new blog template. I also wove some of the green linen scarf on my Cricket. Saturday, I finished the linen scarf, warped the loom again, and wove a wash cloth.

AND, because it's Awards Day, I'll share my proudest achievements of the quarter: This quarter, I am proudest of the fact that I actually crafted every single week, even when the week sucked. ;) AND (again with the AND) I am also proud that I have a sincerely great group of people crafting along with me, who are willing to come back here every week and cheer each other on, and share their crafty projects when they want to be shared, and who inspire each other. Seriously, guys. Thanks for crafting with me. I appreciate every single name on the roster and every single check-in. Extra special thanks to Velma, the first volunteer. If you hadn't signed on and proved I wasn't crazy-in-a-bad-way, I might be sitting here talking to myself pathetically instead of creating crayon-colored Illustrator graphics for a group of awesome people who happen to also be awesome crafters.

Thanks, everyone, for helping me have something to celebrate on this grand day in April. :D


What did you craft this week?

(As always, don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page. ;))
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