Apr 21, 2010

Fiber delivery on Earth Day Eve

A big box came in the mail today, stuffed with fiber from Laura of Dew Dance Farm. There's some colorgrown cotton (big thanks to Laura for throwing in an extra bit to top off the box!) and a little more than a pound of some super-clean-looking Shetland fleece.

Colorgrown cotton bolls
Mmmm, cotton...

Shetland wool
Nice fresh raw Shetland wool — on the sheep not too long ago!

The Shetland is going in the wash tub this week — this fleece is getting babied into a shawl if all goes well. The cotton? I have no clue what it's going to do, but if I can figure out which bit to plant, I may try to grow it alongside the Japanese indigo and the flax in my minuscule square of yard this summer.
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