Apr 11, 2010

Craft or Bust First Quarter Project of the Quarter Nominations!

Craft or Bust Quarterly Awards: First Quarter Nominations

WE DID IT! We've all worked our crafty butts off this quarter — and even those of us who have crafted less than we'd like have at least dared to challenge themselves! You all deserve to be recognized ... so next week I'll post a big hullaballoo for everyone, in honor of your crafty awesomeness. This week I present to you, after our slightly extended nomination period ;), the honorary nominees for project of the quarter!

If you didn't have a project nominated this quarter, no worries ... you are still much loved! Maybe you'll have something nominated next quarter ... and you can always nominate your own projects. ;) Just remember that to be nominated, your project needs to be in the CoB Flickr pool, so I can post a photo of it up for everyone to see. :D

On to this quarter's nominations! The following projects were nominated for creativity and for showcasing the best work of the CoBer who created said project. I present to you ... the nominees! Taaaa-daaaa!

Color is a Lifestyle Socks by Velma
Color is a Lifestyle Socks - Done!

glam-15 by Helen

Lily of the Valley Pearl Necklace by Sarah
Lily of the Valley Pearl Necklace

Monster TwitKAL yarn by Me! (Crystal)
Monster TwitKAL yarn

Bobbins by Anna

Citron WIP by Elabeth
Citron WIP

3/05/10 craft or bust by Carmen

DSCN0824 by Meredith C

first two-ply evah! by Michelle/halloweentango
first two-ply evah!

Handmade journal with watercolor paper by Michelle/halloweentango
Handmade journal with watercolor paper

And now, the POLL!

Voting ends on Saturday night next week, so get your votes in! :D BIG HULLABALLOO for all you great crafters next week! :D
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