Apr 4, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 13 Check-In and Roundup (March 28-April 3)

Notes & Announcements

Woohoo. Welcome to the second quarter of Craft or Bust 2010! Inspirationalesque post coming soon, when I'm not so sleep-deprived and can edit it with more than 5% of my brain.

So now that the first quarter of the year is officially over, let's do some awards! I'll try to make this as simple as possible, and as always, if you have a better idea for something, feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Without further ado, I give you ... how the First Quarter CoB Awards will work:

  • The period from now through Saturday, April 10 will be the gathering-of-info period for the awards ceremonies. Nominations and achievement summaries are "due" on this post or in my inbox by the end of Saturday, April 10.
  • During the next week, write your achievement summary: Meditate on your CoB achievements, write a little self-pimpage for the Special Awards Ceremony Roundup. Tell us what you're most proud of doing during CoB so far, whether you feel you're on track, whether you want to adjust your goals, etc. You don't have to submit an achievement summary, of course, but it might be a positive thing to think back over the entire quarter so far, and I'd love to feature everybody's personal reflections in the awards roundup. :D
  • Please send in your "CoB project of the quarter" nominations by the end of Saturday, April 10. We'll have ONE generalized award for this quarter, but there might be more categories next quarter, or I may invent some award categories on the spur of the moment if I see useful trends in the nominations. ;) Look through the photos in the Flickr pool and choose the projects you think deserve an award. Then send me this information (you can e-mail it to me or leave it as a comment on this post ... I don't care which ;)):
    • The name of the project you're nominating
    • The name OR Flickr ID of the person the project belongs to
    • The reason you're nominating the project to be recognized
    • The URL of the Flickr page with the photo you want to use to nominate the project
  • You may make as many nominations as you want. Make sure you send in all of the above info for each nomination.
  • The nomination information and the poll will go up next Sunday. (This is why I need the info by the end of Saturday. ;)) Voting will close at the end of the Saturday after that.

Please note when looking through the Flickr pool that I'm not sure yet whether Helen Volkova is planning on officially joining us, so if you do choose to nominate something she put in the pool, you may want to include another nomination, too, in case she doesn't sign up. :D

Did I leave out any vital info?

Roundup of Week 12: What We Crafted From March 21-27

  • Jessica finished a glove for Yong, made muffins for her Russian class, worked on a slightly abandoned pair of socks again, and expanded her six degrees of separation board, which is slowly annexing a living room wall. ;)
  • Elabeth dyed yarn, put iron-ons on baby shirts, and shared her secret to eternal youth. That's in last week's comments, but you can read about the rest on her blog.
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) had a slightly problematic week (like me and Luna ... maybe it really was a virus! ;)) but rescued it by making a handmade fabric journal! Yay! Read about it on her blog.
  • Velma spun oodles of art yarn. Read about it on her blog.
  • Meredith C is back with us again (no worries about intermittent checking in — you can check in whenever, remember? ;D). In Week 11 she finished her Dropped Rib Vest (ooo), and in Week 12 she worked a bunch on her Leafy Lagoon tank (that sounds cute). Read about it on her blog.

Check-in for Week 13: What Have You Done Lately? (March 28-April 3)

What I did this week:

Handspun yarn for the shopSunday, I read some more of the Mary Thomas knitting book and plotted future designs. Monday, I knitted on my Silken Scabbard. Tuesday, I photographed some handspun, finished some art yarn, knit a couple of rows of the TwitKAL shawl, wove a square on my 10-inch frame loom, and spun a bit of a Spazzy Yarn batt. Wednesday, I took more yarn pics and started spinning another yarn for the shop. Thursday, the Internet went out (eek ;)), so I did lots of laundry and washed some yarn. Friday, there was still no Internet, so I did a butt-load more laundry, finished the yarn I started Wednesday, hemstitched the weaving that's been on my Cricket for a couple of months, spun yarn samples, and spun some of the wool/silk top I've been nursing for a while. Saturday, I finished spinning the wool/silk, took yarn pics, measured and weighed yarn, spun yarn samples, and played with the template designer on Blogger in Draft.

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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