Apr 11, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 14 Check-In and Roundup (April 4-10)

Notes & Announcements

We do indeed have a new member, Helen, a.k.a., helen-style. Welcome, Helen. :D Here's her Livejournal, and her CoB goal is to keep crafting! ;)

Also, QUARTERLY AWARDS! :D :D :D .... are today, but later today. I know. I wanted to do them as part of this post. Buuuuut we only have one nomination for Project of the Quarter, and I'm thinking maybe some of you thought nominations were due today, as opposed to before today so I could post the poll today...? ;)

So I'll give you guys until, oh, 4 p.m. to get in your nominations, and then I'll come back and put up the awards/voting post in the evening. If I still have just one nomination by this evening, then I guess that one nomination will win by default! :D See last week's post for nomination info (that post is right below this one ... since I haven't written any other posts this week ... mumblemumble...).

Do me a favor and e-mail me the nominations. The comment system is currently acting funky, and I don't want to miss something. (If I leave someone off the roundup this week, or if someone other than Michelle nominated a project, also drop me an e-mail, since the comment moderation issues could have kept the comments from getting through. Thanks.)


Roundup of Week 13: What We Crafted From March 28-April 3

  • Jessica nearly finished the legs of her socks, and went on an adventure on Wednesday with two of her friends to the Ben & Jerry's factory, where she took some great photos!
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) entered a photography competition (ooooh! Good LUCK! Your photos are lovely, so I know you have a great chance!), worked on a second handmade journal, repaired an old (and much-loved?) skirt, took photos of things to put in her Artfire shop, worked on an acrylic painting that has lain abandoned since last fall (nice!), and made some projects with handspun. Wow! Good week! Read about it on her blog.
  • Velma spun more yarn, did a blog facelift for her seventh blogiversary (hurrah!), finished knitting her socks, and started knitting a vest. Read about it on her blog.

Check-in for Week 14: What Have You Done Lately? (April 4-10)

What I did this week:

Handspun mini-skeinsSunday was Easter. No craftiness that day. Monday, I washed some handspun. (That sort of counts? ;)) Tuesday, I listed six handspun yarns in my Etsy shop. Yayyy! My first yarn update of 2010! I also spun and Navajo-plied a skein of mohair (I think) that I got in a grab bag at the Florida Fiber-In auction last year. Wednesday, I started spinning some Corriedale batts I carded a long time ago, took advantage of the still-cool evening to knit on my Silken Scabbard, and wove a little bit of the scarf on my Cricket. Thursday ... no crafting. Friday, I finished spinning the Corriedale and spun a bunch of mini skeins. Saturday, I spun some more mini skeins and dyed them.

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page! ... and don't forget to NOMINATE! something — or more than one thing — for Project of the Quarter! And post your achievements summary, if you wrote one. ;))
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