Apr 25, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 16 Check-In and Roundup (April 18-24)

Notes & Announcements

Nothing much to say this week, except that I hope everybody enjoyed last week's awards post, and that I'm late in the day posting this. ;)

Roundup of Week 15: What We Crafted From April 11-17

  • Jessica finished Yong's second mitten — woo! — crocheted the strap to finish her Harry Potter bag, turned the heels and made it into the gussets of her vampire socks, cast on more socks, hung lights for a play (with a slightly expensive mishap), and baked a pile-like carrot cake. ;) Read about the socks on her blog.
  • Sarah went on an "epic" cross-country drive, set up an online shop for her future mother-in-law (link? ;)), had Great Patience with some filching of text, made a gigantic stash of wireworked and hammered jewelry findings, bought eyelets and a setter, and started playing with ideas involving lace appliques and necklace components.
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) wrote a caption for the photography competition she entered recently, checked out spinning books from the loibrary, and won the CoB project of the quarter ... ;) Read about these and other things on her blog!
  • LunabudKnits AKA Stephanie Stratton had a crazy week, but still worked on her "Russian wheel" enough to finish it! Hurrah!
  • Velma started knitting a vest called Spunky Boob Cover (ha ;D) and got about halfway through it, blocked the stole she finished last month, and wrote a DIY lace-knitting tutorial that got fe4atured on Craftzine (awesome!). Read about it on her blog.
  • Meredith M. worked on a Que Sera cardigan from Knitty and an Abrazo wrap from Twist Collective (and the second one involves a new technique for her: beaded lace knitting) and gardened.

Check-in for Week 16: What Have You Done Lately? (April 18-24)

What I did this week:
Springtime flowers outside the condoSunday, I played some more with the blog redesign. Monday, no crafting. Tuesday, I bought some Clun Forest fleece from Maya at Springtree Road, finished spinning the fiery Shetland roving, and started spinning some cottony Merino roving from the stash. Wednesday, I received my Shetland fleece from Dew Dance Farm, wove a loopy wash cloth, washed some Shetland fleece, and spun some more cottony Merino. Thursday, no crafting. Friday, I wove yet another loopy washcloth, and Saturday, no crafting.

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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