Oct 4, 2006

My Sock Wars socks are away!

As of yesterday, I haven't been killed by sock yet, and I even managed to send my socks. Woo! Le Socks de Doom:

WIth some handspun I sent along as a present to my target. :D

Today I'm attempting to skein the mountain of yarn I have for Brian's Duel sweater (a.k.a. the "I challenge the boyfriend curse to a duel" sweater). Yarrrrr. Winding yarn into center pull balls and then skeining them on the swift is faster than skeining them by hand, but still annoying, especially when the yarn disintegrates into a big fat tangle. We'll see how far I get on that...

Also on the table for today is an altar cloth for a swap. Whew. Although I was hoping to have it significantly done before leaving to go to Brian's, knowing me? I probably won't work on it at all before I get there. ;) Oh, well.
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