Sep 27, 2006

Yarr ... I'm apparently a lover, not a fighter.

Because I'm certainly not a very good sock warrior. ;) The pattern contains a grammatical unclarity (it says to knit in pattern for the length of the victim's foot, as opposed to knitting in pattern until the foot of the sock is the length of the victim's foot), which screwed me up so that I knit too many rows in the foot. Not too too many rows, but still more than my patience is capable of unknitting neatly so that the knitting may re-commence. Chances are I'm going to end up waiting tomorrow so I can make Ben unknit the, like, three rows that are screwing me up. Curses on men with more emotional repression and thus more patience! Except not too many curses till after he unknits the sock for me. ;)

So, fortuitous victim, through circumstance and lack of patience on the part of one unskilled sock-wielding assassin, thy first sock remains yet unfinished and likely will remain so till at least the morrow. Thou art safe ... yet.

Or mayhap I'll put this sock on other needles and knit the second sock first! Wahahahahaha! Then I shall have but the toe to finish and sock-induced death shall fly with winged feet!


(Woo. Sock Wars.)
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