Sep 6, 2006

Back from Dragon*Con, back in the groove

...or at least trying to be. Mostly for my own reference: today I made three purple and silver polyclay pendants, measured the gauge swatch for Brian's hoodie (even with size 5 needles rather than size 6, the gauge is too large ... eep!), ordered the yarn for Brian's hoodie (they didn't have enough of the spruce color for the entire thing, which stymied me for a second, but then I remembered I could make the pocket and the hood in a contrast color and so I ordered some white for me to dye, probably a darker green), and started knitting a small bag to go along with the non-fie necklace swap package, using an acrylic (whiiine ;)) yarn that I got from a Swapbot swap. Even if it's (whiiine ;)) acrylic, it's doing this cool swirly stripey color pattern thing, so I may be forced to make another one for me, or something. Laaaa. More craftiness tomorrow, and, as usual, pictures Someday.
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