Oct 30, 2006

Received swaps: Halloween jewelry and mittens!

First, my package from the hand-made Halloween jewelry swap I hosted on Swap-bot (the first photo has annoying flash in it, but I'm too lazy to go back and fight with my dying batteries to get a better photo ;)):

The pictures on the pendant were taken from paintings that my swap partner did herself -- isn't that cool? So I can tell people the artist sent me the necklace. ;D And it got here just in time for me to wear it for Halloween, so cheers to that!

And here's my uber-cool mitten swap package from Norway!

Which contains some really neat Norwegian-style gloves from ... a Florida girl living in Norway, who thus understands the tribulations of a Florida girl still in Florida. ;D I love the extra goodies that came with the mittens -- Norwegian chocolate, a postcard, and extra yarn (a kind I haven't used before, too! :D) to make a matching something if I like. Yay! This is one of my favorite swap packages that's come in lately. :D

If I sound kind of meandery and unfocused, it's because on Saturday I arbitrarily fell ill after working a local Haunted Trail. Whoops! That's why my own mittens didn't get finished this weekend and zipped off to their recipient today. Muttermutter. And I still have a pair of Socks of Doom to finish, too. (Are you watching out there, Current Target? ;) Now you know you're still safe for a little while yet ... but once I finish these mittens, you're toast! ;D)
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