Oct 31, 2006

Must ... resist ... handspun!

Have been on a fiber binge lately (sigh ... bad fiber freak, bad! ;)), but I Will Not Allow myself to sign up at the last second for this handspun sock yarn swap, no matter how tempting it sounds. No money + no time = no new handspinning swap!

I am attempting to prevent myself from signing up for anything new till I have everything current finished, which I think I mentioned previously -- not that the swap/project situation is actually anywhere near out of control, but NaNoWriMo opens soon (technically tonight at midnight ... ack!), and then there are the holidays and all those unwritten, unofficial obligations. And the fact that I actually want to try making things to sell this winter. ;) And I must start on Brian's Duel sweater! So ... yeah. No new swap signups for me yet unless I will absolutely hate myself if I don't join. ;D
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