Oct 20, 2006

January calendar art finished at last!

It seems like I'm eternally a few days behind, but you know, I remember a time when I wasn't, so I know it's possible. ;) And a couple of days late on a project with a lengthy turnaround isn't a killing offense, so I don't feel too bad ... Anyway, this is the January calendar art for the Eccentric Pastiche calendar project:

I hope it's up to par. It looks like a lot of things I do -- aren't I generic, with my deep blue backgrounds and metallic silver swirlies? ;) Oh, well. As long as people like it, and I like it...

Now I must go and get orange clay so that I can fulfill other obligations. Today seems to be the Day of the Universe Laughing and Spurning Me, but I defy it with the two grams of energy I have left. ;)
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