May 26, 2010

Former sweater seeks new structure (non-knitting okay)

This week's magical transformation: I took a sweater(ish thing) and made it into two skeins of yarn. A little backwards from the norm around here, but the yarn is going straight back into another project, that is, the hairpin lace shawl that we're doing for the Ravelry hairpin-lace-along.

There are, oh, two big plastic storage boxes' worth of thrift store sweaters waiting in the craft room to be given new life, and — miracle of miracles — I actually remembered to dip into them when I was searching for shawl yarn. Therefore this:

Sweater to be recycled

Sweater to be recycled

...turned into this:

Sweater, recycled
No longer a sweater.

Which is about 716 yards of some kind of synthetic-fiber ribbon yarn. Unfortunately, the content tag was cut out of the original sweater (although the sewn-in ends of it were still there for me to rip out before I could reclaim the yarn ... grumble grumble), so I can't be sure what synthetic fiber it is without doing other tests, which I probably won't bother with. ;)

As I've never hairpin-crocheted with synthetic-fiber ribbon yarn, I have no clue what the end product will look like. It could turn out monstrously icky. I'll find out in the coming days, it seems...
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