May 16, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 19 Check-In and Roundup (May 9-15)

Notes & Announcements

I FINALLY found a badge-maker that will make something pretty out of the most recent CoB Flickr uploads! Hurrah! I can't limit it by date, so it changes when people upload new things, but here it is:

Craft or Bust - View this group's photos on Flickriver

In other news, you guys have been quiet lately and I think I need to do the rounds of everyone's blogs and make sure some and you haven't vanished. ;)

Roundup of Week 18: What We Crafted From May 2-8

  • Jessica turned the heels on her lace socks, finished the gussets, created another cookie recipe (you can see the recipe on her blog, and wrote a "mostly fictional" autobiography, also on her blog.
  • Meredith M finished Abrazo "again" — see her blog for the story. She also gardened and knitted on her Que Sera.

Check-in for Week 19: What Have You Done Lately? (May 9-15)

What I did this week:

First triloom weavingFor one, I did my daily writing every day of the week. :D Hurray! I didn't do much aside from that on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, I moved some fleeces from trash bags into king-sized pillow cases (not crafting, but craft cleanup ;)) and spun some more of the multi-colored probably-Merino yarn. Wednesday, I finished the probably-Merino singles and Navajo-plied the cottony Merino I spun the week before. Friday, I played with my freshly-built triangle loom :D, sketched a design and wrote some directions for making washable fabric boxes, and started going through a pile of fabric for sewing said boxes. Saturday, my new inkle loom got here (eep! loom attack!) and I watched some inkley videos, though I didn't do any actual crafting.

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page! And if you're new to Craft or Bust, check out the CoB rules page and sign up — it's easy!)
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