May 19, 2010

The blog gets a makeover

Notice anything different? Of course you do, assuming you've been here before. ;) Yep — the blog finally has a custom background and banner, in a nice new template. I'm a month late for my blogiversary, but that's not so bad, for me.

Miss the old blog? Aww. Well, here's a little screenshot — a very little screenshot, because I forgot to take one before I changed the blog, and I had to go to my Ravelry profile and get the thumbnail image there. ;)

Old version of the craftblog

AND I have shiny new Disqus comments, so that we can all reply to each other and have nice little conversations, if we like. No more half-baked Blogger comments. Why don't you leave a fresh comment about what you like about the new layout, and what you don't like so much, and try out the snazzy new system? ;D
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