Mar 31, 2010

Pink and white and everything light

Still shaking off the effects of last week's craft malaise, at least as far as mood goes. All hail Silver Grumpyhead. ;) Grumpy or no, I made myself craft yesterday. There's another art yarn off the wheel and waiting to be photographed; I started spinning a new yarn with the last of a batt from Spazzy Yarns; I knit a couple of rows on the Wandering Woman/TwitKAL shawl; and I wove a square on the long-abandoned SharpTooth frame loom. (We really need to file down the nails on that thing. The Brian snipped the heads off them thinking that would make it easier for me to slip the yarn off the loom ... but it also makes it easier for me to scratch the crap out of my hands. Yayyy.)

Organic cotton square

Organic cotton square

For some reason, I have a pastel thing going on right now, hence the title of this post. I'm not really a pastel person, which is probably why that stuff accumulates in my stash — what pastels do enter my crafty sphere of existence stay there because I don't really want to use them. DOH. Then when I'm experimenting or practicing, I DO use them, since I don't care about it if I mess them up a bit ... so my practice stuff all looks insipid. I need to not do that. ;) Note to self: Put pastels with brights, not with other pastels.

At least it's spring, so my pastels are in season.

By the way, for those who do like pastels, rock on and power to you. I'm not saying they're Morally Degraded or Soulless. They're just not very me. Maybe I should donate my pastels to people who like them?
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