Mar 14, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 10 check-in and roundup (March 7-March 13)

Notes & Announcements

No announcements this week. :D

Roundup of Week 9: What We Crafted From Feb 28-Mar 6

  • Jessica started a new pair of socks, almost finished Richard's hat, knit a few rows of the Harry Potter bag, did the light plot for a play she's lighting (cool!), made buttermilk cookies and buttermilk raspberry cake (whoa), and translated a Beatles song into Russian (funny ;)).
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) is still working on the Pine Forest Baby Blanket, spun some yarn for the VERY FIRST TIME!, joined the Colorbombers spin-along, worked on her Artfire shop, and made greeting cards with her artwork on them. Read about it on her blog.
  • Velma checked in for Week 8 AND Week 9 by saying she did a lot of Ravelympicing in Week 8, and a lot of dyeing in Week 9. Read about it on her blog.
  • LunabudKnits aka Stephanie Stratton finally finished her turquoise shawl — neverending no longer! It went with her Mom to Japan as a gift for her sister-in-law as she waits to have her baby. She also spun another skein of BFL and got ready to dye two skeins of alpaca yarn.
  • Elabeth used her Silhouette machine to make sale signs for the yarn store, worked on her February Lady sweater (see blog post here), and went to Hobby Lobby for RAK supplies (oooOOooo).
Check-in for Week 10: What Have You Done Lately? (Mar 7-Mar 13)

What I did this week:

Handmade stitch markersSunday appears to have been my day off crafting. ;) Monday, I weighed and separated some dyed BFL top for spinning yarn samples, finished laying out the Princess in the Wilds fingerless gloves knitting pattern, and put up the pattern for sale on Ravelry (yayyyyy!). Tuesday, I listed Princess in the Wilds in my Etsy shop, played with beadmaking supplies, and made six sets of stitch markers. Wednesday, I photographed the stitch markers and listed some of them on Etsy, and spun a tiny test skein of the Merino wool I've been carding. Thursday, I spun a BFL sample skein. Friday, I worked on the Star and Crossbones Web site redesign, listed some chain mail jewelry on Etsy, and spun one ply of a new yarn for the shop. Saturday, I entered a spinning fiber giveaway on the Spin Knit and Life blog (go check it out!), finished spinning and plying the new yarn for the shop, picked and carded the remaining blue Texel wool I started a while ago, and worked a little more on the site redesign.

(And it's another one of those weeks where, looking back at it from the end, I did a lot more than I thought I did...)

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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