Mar 21, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 11 Check-In and Roundup (March 14-20)

Notes & Announcements

We're nearing the end of the first quarter of the year! We should do something to mark the milestone, and I have a couple of thoughts (uh-oh ;)). Take my little poll here and let me know what yours are, okay?

The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern time) Saturday, so I can work with the results in next week's CoB update. :D As far as I'm concerned, anyone on the roster can vote (and nominate projects, if we end up doing that), regardless of whether they've checked in at all so far this year.

Roundup of Week 10: What We Crafted From March 7-13
  • Meredith M posted to her lonely blog after two weeks — hurrah! — about mixed goodness and not-so-goodness. (Welcome back, too. ;)) Knitting Olympics = not-so-goodness, but she made some awesome baby stuff to make up for it, and cast on a bright aqua lacy vest. Read about it on her blog.
  • Jessica finished the good Mr. Richard's hat (fanfare!) and knit some more of the Harry Potter bag, built a blanket fort (now I want to, too), wrote a Harry Potter fan fiction, made a buttermilk cake (mmmm), and invented a new recipe for muffins with strawberry yogurt in them. (That reminds me that I need to try the muffins-with-yogurt recipe I have stuck on the fridge with a magnet...)
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) did more yarn-spinning (obYay!). And that's enough. ;D Read about it on her blog. (BTW, glad you like the CoB tab. Still haven't figured out how to get it to be colored, obviously...)
  • Velma made art yarn, recapped her Ravelympics, started and abandoned socks (yay/awww), stashed lots of yarn, did a shop update (woo!), and started yet more socks (more??? ;)). Read about it on her blog.
  • Elabeth made a ton of paper flowers to decorate her yarn store (ooOoooo — photo here), put together shelves for the shop (photo), taught a dye class (oooOOoo!), got a circle punch, which is not as painful as it sounds and in fact warranted great excitement ;), and took a photo of her grandson as the Bubble Pope. LOL! Photo here. Although the "grandson" part has me stymied. Elabeth. You look like a 21-year-old friend of mine. Seriously.
Check-in for Week 11: What Have You Done Lately? (March 14-20)

What I did this week:

Qilin yarnSunday, I started spinning the recently-carded bright blue Texel wool with silver BOMBits from Velma's shop, learned how to make custom brushes and swoosh graphics in Illustrator, and created some side-of-logo graphics to keep the white space from looking so friggin' white on the Star & Crossbones Web site. Monday was last week's off day. Tuesday, I created a resources page for my hairpin lace group on Ravelry, photographed two custom chain mail bracelets Brian made, finished spinning the Texel/BOMBits, rescued a UFO handspun, i.e., started spinning it again (a some-wool-breed/Bombyx silk blend that was gifted to me), weighed out fiber for a new handspun yarn, wound off some singles remnants that were occupying a bobbin for no particular reason, and spun two yarn samples to send to some test-knitters. Wednesday, I photographed some handspun for the Etsy shop and worked on redesigning the crafty biz Web site. Thursday, I took some arguably lame computer-cam photos of myself for the bio page on the Web site, photographed some more handspun for the shop, spun a little more of the rescued wool/silk fiber, and worked a little bit on my semi-abandoned TwitKAL shawl in hopes of preventing it from taking on true UFO status. Friday, I sorted through a random pile of craft supplies taking up space in the craft room, created some databases for behind-the-scenes admin functionality on the S&C site and hid the admin pages behind a password wall, and wrote a super-rough draft of a blog post containing thoughts on CoB so far. Saturday, I did some final tinkering on the Web site and finally got it uploaded. I also spun another whole skein of yarn (gasp!) for the shop, started spinning a new art yarn, sketched some ideas for knitting patterns, and knitted a little on the Silken Scabbard sweater, also in hopes of keeping it from getting sucked into the UFO pile.

I guess I did okay. ;D

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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