Feb 7, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 5 check-in and roundup (Jan 31-Feb 6)

Notes & Announcements

Based on the response in last week's poll, we're on for the CoB RAK List. Woohoo! So let's RAK. If you want to be on the Craft or Bust RAK List, do the following:
  1. Make a wish list of things that would help you achieve your CoB goals. It can include crazy and extravagant items (you never know) as well as "easy" stuff.
  2. Check out the CoB rules page for the short and snappy RAK List form to send in, and fill that out. (Scroll doooown ... The form is near the bottom.
  3. Send your form and wish list to me at crystal@starncrossbones.com.
  4. Check back next week for the wish list info and start a-RAKin'!
New People!

We also have some new members this week:
  • Jessica, the Knitting Linguist joins us with the following comments: "My crafts are knitting and cooking/baking. I think that my goal will be to knit six pairs of socks this year. I don't know what kind of goal I could have in baking because I already bake every weekend."
  • Carmen also joins us, with the goal of making one item a week.

Roundup of Week 4: What We Crafted From Jan 24-30

(Going to be a short one this week, since we have a couple of people who will be doing double check-ins this week! ;))
  • Velma invented some cocktail recipes, spun yarn, made some custom fiber and started a new knit object. WooOooo. Read about it on her blog.
  • Sarah learned to make silk rosettes (and needs some ideas for how to use them — anyone?), had some crocheting issues that made her feel like a first-grader (or something like that), but on the up side, made some lovely jewelry that you can see in the Flickr pool. ;)
  • Halloweentango (Michelle) knitted yet more on the 12x12 inch square, worked on her TwitKAL shawl, took about 500 photographs (oops, I still need to go back and answer that thread! Sorry for my slackerdom!), and finished her art card exchange project. Read about it on her blog.
  • Luna worked on revamping her blog (LOVE that new banner photo!), took photos, knit, and started spinning a new yarn from her own dyed and blended fiber (yum) that will become a COLORBOMBer yarn. See photos on her blog.
  • Elabeth knitted a bunch, added projects to her Ravelry project page, and did a supply check that she hopes will help inspire her (okay, my words, not hers ;)) to do more crafts. Read about it on her blog.
Told you it would be short this week! Hopefully last week was insanely productive for everyone and we'll all have a lot to say. ;) Here goes my part:

Check-in for Week 5: What Have You Done Lately? (January 31-Feb 6)

What I did this week:

TwitKAL yarn in progressLast Sunday, I finished knitting the right wristwarmer while test-knitting my own pattern. Monday, I edited the pattern, made my first knitting charts in Illustrator, started laying out the pattern in InDesign, and spun some more on my TwitKAL yarn. Tuesday, I helped enable a friend to join the fiber arts world by meeting her at the local yarn/fiber shop and helping her pick out fiber for her new spindle — and I came home with some variegated Merino for another handspun shawl (ambitious, aren't I?). I also thrifted a bit to find something on which to photograph scarves, test photographed on the new scarf display, FINALLY finished spinning that TwitKAL yarn and started to ply it. Wednesday, plying the TwitKAL yarn consumed my craft time ... but I finished. Yay. Thursday, I read up on Ravelympics rules, made a potential Ravelympics project list, and it was a good mail day: some destashed fiber and a lace yarn RAK (to pass on as a knit RAK) arrived. I also bought more stuff from Velma to spin during the Ravelympics. Friday was this week's fail day. We'll call it my day off, even though it was more of a drama day than a vacation day. ;) Saturday, I finished spinning some organic cotton singles from Blonde Chicken and rather belatedly started test-knitting the hug monster pattern (Rav link) I need to send comments on today (but I'll finish today, I WILL! Stupid dramatic Friday and its delaying effect ;)).

Hmm. I feel a little better about my productivity when I put it all together like that. I guess this listing-of-accomplishments thing really works. ;) Anyway.

What did you craft this week?

(Don't forget to use the standard check-in format on the rules page!)
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